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Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions apply to all offers and agreements of Zeelandhallen Exploitatie B.V. concerning the online purchase or sale of parking tickets for parking in the parking lot of Zeelandhallen Exploitatie B.V. (hereinafter: the car park).

Zeelandhallen Exploitatie B.V. (hereinafter: Zeelandhallen) is located at Da Vinciplein 1 in Goes (4462 GX) and is registered with the Chamber of Commerce under number 22046048.

Zeelandhallen reserves the right to change these terms and conditions.


Receiving parking tickets

When the order procedure on the Zeelandhallen website has been completed correctly, the parking ticket purchase agreement between you and Zeelandhallen is concluded.

As soon as Zeelandhallen has received the total amount due for the parking ticket ordered by you, it will send you, at the e-mail address you specified:

• the confirmation of your order and

• a download link to the parking ticket you purchased.


Correct data

You are responsible for filling in your details fully and correctly when ordering the parking ticket. Providing incorrect or incomplete information may result in the preferred parking ticket not being sent correctly. Zeelandhallen is not obliged to pay you any compensation in such a situation.


Parking tickets

Your parking ticket has a unique barcode. This barcode is scanned upon arrival at or when leaving the car park.

Each parking ticket can only be used once.

Each parking ticket has a validity period/date. Outside of this period/date, the parking ticket is not valid. You are therefore not entitled to use the parking lot.

When leaving the car park, or at the closing time of the car park on the day of the visit, the validity of the parking ticket expires.

The parking ticket must be shown at the request of a Zeelandhallen employee.

Resale, use for commercial purposes and/or counterfeiting of parking tickets is not permitted.


Use parking tickets

A parking ticket is only valid if it is printed on good quality paper (colour or black and white) or if the parking ticket is displayed on the screen of a mobile phone or tablet and the barcode can be scanned. Parking tickets of which the barcode cannot be scanned, for example, because the paper on which the ticket is printed is damaged or creased, or because the barcode is otherwise illegible or only partially visible, are not valid and do not entitle you to use the parking lot. Zeelandhallen is not obliged to pay you any compensation in such a situation.



The agreement to purchase a parking ticket cannot be dissolved by you.

Parking tickets will not be taken back by Zeelandhallen, will not be exchanged for money and will not be replaced by another parking ticket.

The validity period/date stated on the parking ticket will not be extended by Zeelandhallen.


Technical failure

Zeelandhallen is not liable for the damage you suffer if your order cannot be completed, processed and/or authorized, correctly or on time due to a technical malfunction of any kind. Zeelandhallen is not obliged to pay you any compensation in such a situation.


Use Parking lot

The following regulations apply to the use of the Zeelandhallen car park:

• parking in the car park is only permitted during the period that you visit Zeelandhallen;

• if you lose your parking ticket, you owe the maximum daily rate;

• it is forbidden to spend the night in the car park;

• the same traffic rules apply in the car park as on public roads;

• instructions from parking attendants and (other) employees of Zeelandhallen must always be followed;

• it is not permitted to park your vehicle anywhere but the place indicated (by the parking attendants and (other) employees of Zeelandhallen);

• if in the opinion of Zeelandhallen, the traffic rules and/or instructions are not being followed or not followed correctly, Zeelandhallen is entitled to remove your vehicle from the car park at your expense and risk;

• parking your vehicle in the car park is at your own risk. Your vehicle will not be guarded by Zeelandhallen;

• Zeelandhallen advises you to lock your vehicle properly and not to leave any valuables in your vehicle;

• Zeelandhallen accepts no liability for damage resulting from theft, damage, destruction of your vehicle and/or physical injury to you and/or your passengers unless the damage is due to intent or willful recklessness on the part of Zeelandhallen. Zeelandhallen also accepts no liability for damage caused by a storm, hail, fire, explosion or other extraordinary circumstances;

• the use of a disability parking space is only permitted in combination with a valid disabled card;

• the use of parking spaces with an electric charging point is only permitted for electric vehicles that charge.


Visitor Regulations

In addition to the terms and conditions for parking tickets, Zeelandhallen's visitor regulations apply when purchasing a parking ticket. By entering the car park you agree to these visitor regulations. Zeelandhallen reserves the right to change visitor regulations.


Processing personal data

Zeelandhallen processes your personal data carefully and complies with the laws and regulations for the protection of personal data. The data provided by you, during the ordering procedure for a parking ticket, will be processed for the establishment of the agreement between you and Zeelandhallen. The data you provide will be kept for as long as necessary for the purpose described above and to comply with our legal obligations. Zeelandhallen's privacy statement applies to the processing of personal data. Zeelandhallen uses the services of MultiSafepay B.V. to pay for the parking ticket you ordered. (hereinafter: Multisafepay), Multisafepay is the controller in this regard. Multisafepay's privacy statement applies to the processing of personal data by Multisafepay.



If you have any questions about the processing of your personal data or if you wish to view, modify or have this data removed, a visit to Zeelandhallen, parking tickets, these terms and conditions and/or the visitor regulations, contact our reception by telephone at 0113 221 020, or send an e-mail, depending on your question, to or We are reachable by telephone during the opening hours of Zeelandhallen. The opening hours are listed on the website. E-mails are also handled during Zeelandhallen's opening hours.